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Lafayette Hurricane Attorneys You Can Trust

When hurricanes touch down, they often cause catastrophic damage, devastating countless homes and businesses. Many people find that even with homeowner’s insurance, the process of rebuilding after a hurricane can be stressful and time-consuming. Following a major storm, you’ll need to assess and document damages, make temporary repairs, review your insurance policy, and file for compensation. These steps may be complicated and mistakes may prevent you from receiving maximum compensation from your insurance provider. Hurricane attorneys will help you determine exactly how much damage is covered under your policy and fight to get you the full level of compensation that you’re due.

If you have recently experienced property damage due to Hurricane Ida, our Lafayette-based hurricane law firm can help you understand your legal options for processing your hurricane insurance claim.

Why Blaine for My Hurricane Insurance Claim?

Are you struggling to claim a reasonable hurricane damage settlement from your insurance company? Here’s why you can trust The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux, a dedicated law firm for hurricane claims, to stand up for your rights.

Born and Raised in Lafayette, LA

Blaine was born and raised in Lafayette, LA, and the community trusts him to deliver excellent service as a lawyer for hurricane related issues to all of his clients. Whether you need help finding compensation for a property damage or personal injury claim, Blaine is a knowledgeable expert who will provide you with the legal guidance and the local service you need to find success.  

Call us anytime 24/7/365

If your hurricane insurance claim has been denied, or you feel the settlement your insurance company has offered is unfair, you can contact our hurricane law group at any time to schedule an insurance policy review session. Our phone line is available round the clock, including weekends, holidays, and late nights. Additionally, our office is conveniently located in Lafayette, LA.

You Pay Nothing Unless We Win

Engaging in a legal case after a catastrophic storm may seem expensive, but we aim to provide peace of mind in trying times. If we take your case to court, you won’t have to pay our firm unless we win the case. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing money if the case doesn’t work out. If you’re seeking legal assistance, our experienced hurricane lawyer in Lafayette can help. So what’s there to lose? Call us now to get started.

Learn How Our Hurricane Law Firm Can Assist You with Your Hurricane Ida Insurance Claim

Hurricane Ida, one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States, made landfall in Southern Louisiana on August 9, 2021. Ida was the second most destructive hurricane to hit the state, with winds reaching 150 mph – enough to temporarily reverse the flow of the Mississippi River and costing the local municipalities an estimated $8.6 million.

The powerful storm tore trees out of the ground and roofs off buildings, flooded cities, and ripped open sewer lines. Over a dozen barges broke away from their holds, with one striking a bridge in Jefferson Parish. Ida also destroyed power lines and caused transformers to blow up, leaving millions without power. The storm demolished 13,000 Bayou homes and contributed to 115 deaths in the country, with almost a third of those in the Pelican State.

Ida wreaked havoc from the Caribbean all the way up to Newfoundland, causing tornadoes, heavy rains, and flash flooding in the Northeast. New York declared a state of emergency as subway tunnels and basement apartments flooded, killing over a dozen people in the state.

We usually think of obvious damage like fallen trees and severe flooding that’s impossible to miss after a hurricane. But in reality, sometimes hurricane damage isn’t immediately apparent, and if you’ve had to evacuate, taking inventory of damage will be delayed that much longer. Hurricane damage claims are all about the details, so make sure to document everything as soon as possible so you have clear, detailed records of costs associated with the storm.

When all is said and done, Hurricane Ida could cost insurance companies as much as $20 billion in insurance claims, but not every insurer is willing to pay what they should. If you’re struggling to recover damages from your insurance company, speaking with a knowledgeable hurricane lawyer in Lafayette can help you evaluate your options, negotiate on your behalf, and increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement. Contact our Lafayette office now to schedule your free claim evaluation.

Hurricane Laura Insurance Claims for the Greater Lafayette Area

Hurricane Laura was one of the strongest storms to ever hit our state and has been designated “the most intense and dangerous hurricane to hit the United States this season” by the United Nations Weather Agency. After rolling through several coastal communities, Laura crashed ashore in the lower region of the state, ripping through the greater Lafayette area. Immense volumes of displaced water flooded communities while winds ranging up to 150 MPH caused severe damage to buildings in the affected areas. 

The greater Lafayette area was notably one of the hardest-hit communities, with nearly every home and business in the community having received some level of damage from the storm. Throughout the city, trees were uprooted, windows shattered, and buildings beaten by strong winds and flying debris. The greater Lafayette area was only one stop on the storm’s path of destruction; Hurricane Laura plowed north for several more days, leaving more than 880,000 people without power and tens of thousands without access to drinkable water. 

The storm is estimated to have caused anywhere from $4-12 billion in damages to Louisiana and Texas. More than 625,000 residential properties are said to have been exposed to tropical storm-force conditions or worse, while approximately 10,000 residential properties were hit with winds rating at Category 3 storm levels or higher. 

The NPR states that many experts and officials say the storm’s damage was not as bad as initially expected and it could have been worse. While the greater Lafayette area was heavily damaged by the strong winds and floodwater, Laura mostly avoided densely populated regions. The storm also failed to send a catastrophic storm surge inland, further limiting the damage. 

When a hurricane like Laura hits, most homeowners expect that the damage to their home will be repaired at the expense of their insurance provider. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. If your property was damaged by this storm, you may have a legal right to fair compensation from your insurance provider. Don’t allow your insurance company to reject your claim without a fight: contact one of our hurricane attorneys immediately to learn how you can refile your claim and receive an appropriate insurance settlement.

Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

There is no such thing as “hurricane insurance”. Instead, there are homeowner insurance policies that provide coverage for the types of damage that hurricanes may cause. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers most damage caused to your dwelling, personal property, and any other structures that exist on your property. However, flood damage is not regularly included in standard homeowner insurance. 

Therefore, homeowners who do not have a flood damage insurance policy may not be covered fully when a hurricane hits. Some hurricane-prone states may also offer windstorm insurance policies for homeowners who do not have wind damage included in their standard policy. Depending on your policy, the source of the damage will determine whether the insurance company will accept your claims. If your claim is rejected, it might be time to call in one of our hurricane attorneys.

Hurricane damage insurance claim checklist

Reasons Why Your Hurricane Claim Might Get Rejected

When storms like Hurricane Laura roll in, insurance providers are suddenly placed under immense financial pressure that pushes them to try their best to mitigate losses by denying insurance claims or limiting settlements. If you are filing an insurance claim to seek compensation for hurricane damage, an attorney from our hurricane law group can assist you in taking the necessary steps to ensure that your insurance company does not deny your claim.

If your claim has already been rejected, here are several reasons why that may have happened:

If your home or property was damaged by floodwaters and you don’t have an insurance policy specifically for that type of damage, you may not be able to claim compensation for those damages. In some instances, wind damage may also not be covered, therefore it is important that you understand your policy. Although the insurance provider may not be required to provide you with compensation for flood damage, hurricane attorneys may be able to get you the maximum settlement for other damage that a storm brought upon your home.

Your insurance company may require that you make a legitimate effort to defend your property from an oncoming storm, hopefully mitigating some amount of damage. If they have reason to believe that you have not done so, they may reject your hurricane insurance claim citing that the damage could have been avoided, and therefore that you are at fault. In such cases, consulting with a personal injury attorney for hurricane related insurance disputes can be crucial to ensure your rights are protected.

If an insurance company can prove that the damage you are claiming occurred prior to the hurricane, they may deny your claim based on that understanding. For example, if your roof had issues that existed before you bought your property, the insurance company will be compelled to deny your hurricane insurance claim under a “pre-existing damage exclusion”. If you are certain that the damage was caused or worsened by the storm, hurricane attorneys can help you pursue fair compensation for that damage.

If an insurance company can prove that the damage you are claiming occurred prior to the hurricane, they may deny your claim based on that understanding. For example, if your roof had issues that existed before you bought your property, the insurance company will be compelled to deny your hurricane insurance claim under a “pre-existing damage exclusion”. If you are certain that the damage was caused or worsened by the storm, our hurricane law firm can help you pursue fair compensation for that damage. 

In order to properly file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider, you must provide reasonable evidence that the insurance company can use to assess how much damage has occurred and how much money you will need as compensation. Without proper documentation, the insurance company may be unable to verify the level of damage and use that as reason to deny your claim.

Before the storm, you should consider taking inventory of your property by gathering photos and videos of the premises. Once the hurricane passes, you can take new photos, allowing the insurance company to compare both sets in their effort to determine how much damage was caused. Providing your insurer with written notes and purchase receipts will also help them understand the total value of the property that was lost in the storm.

If you are uncertain about how to document your property inventory in preparation for unforeseen events, we recommend consulting with a personal injury lawyer for hurricane cases. They can offer expert advice to guide you through the insurance claims process efficiently and provide assistance with any difficulties you may face.

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