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Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship

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The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux is pleased to announce our firm’s scholarship. Our team is not only passionate about representing injured individuals in Louisiana but also playing an active role in our community.

Students Sitting In A Classroom Stock PhotoThat is why our firm decided to create the Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship. Our hope is that by offering educational assistance to students, we can help support future world-changers who, in return, will build a stronger community. Education is an essential tool for creating influential people who can ultimately create change.

Our firm highly values education and believes every individual should have the incredible opportunity to receive an education and reach the goals set for his or her future. We want to help support the next generation of lawyers, government officials, doctors, and teachers, among other professions to ensure we build a society grounded on knowledge.

At the Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux, we understand that finances often limit students who desire to pursue higher education. Our team wants to support one student reach his or her educational goals by offering a scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship Offered:

  • One individual will be offered $1000 to assist with his or her education.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Must be involved in at least one extracurricular activity
  • Must be enrolled or pursuing enrollment at a 2-year or 4-year accredited college
  • Must be a Louisiana student
  • Clients and firm employees are not eligible to apply


Please submit your transcript, a brief bio, a list of your extracurricular activities, and a paragraph of 300 words or less on the importance of education using the form below or by submitting it to the following email: [email protected]

This Year’s Topic

Describe a significant challenge or obstacle you have faced in your life and how you overcame it.

Please write an essay of 300 words or less, highlighting the specific challenge you encountered, the steps you took to overcome it, and the lessons you learned from the experience. Your essay should demonstrate resilience, determination, and the ability to adapt in the face of adversity.

As a personal injury law firm, we have helped countless people recover compensation for injuries, which has helped us build a solid relationship with our community. We hope that by offering this scholarship we can support the pursuit of ongoing education. We want our community to know that we are here to serve them by providing quality legal representation after an injury, but we’re also here to help our citizens grow and prosper so they can also provide support to those who need it most.

  • Extra points will be awarded to those who show a high level of creativity and provide real-life examples within their submission.
  • Your essay should not exceed 300 words for consideration
  • All scholarship submissions must be submitted by Friday, June 28th, 2024 for consideration.
  • Our team will select one student to receive our scholarship on Friday, July 19th, 2024.

Our Most Recent Scholarship Recipient

Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship Recipient Madison Conrad

Madi Conrad – 2023

Madi Conrad was in her doctor’s office when a call from Portland, Oregon, appeared on her phone. Little did she know, it was the news that she had been selected as the 2023 winner of the Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship.

Born and raised in the heart of Lafayette Parish, Madi Conrad’s roots run deep in the community. A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL) with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Political Science, Madi has just embarked on her first year of law school at Louisiana State University (LSU). Her connection to the area is profound, and she harbors a strong desire to return to practice law in her hometown.

Madi’s family has played a significant role in shaping her career path. Her father, Phil, who retired as the Chief Deputy of the Lafayette City Marshal’s office, and her mother, Stacy, a former medic and current Opioid Prevention Outreach Coordinator for the Louisiana Department of Health, have been her guiding lights. Madi’s dream is to pursue a career in criminal law, focusing on addiction rehabilitation, including DUI and DWI cases.

Madi’s passion for law is not just theoretical; she has hands-on experience interning in Juvenile, Drug Court, and Family Preservation courts. Her work in family preservation cases has been gratifying, allowing her to witness individuals turn their lives around, reunite with their families, and overcome addiction. This experience has further fueled her desire to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with legal and personal challenges.

In addition to her legal aspirations, Madi’s talents shine beyond the courtroom. She has sung the National Anthem for the Houston Astros and holds the title Miss Louisiana Collegiate USA 2023.

The scholarship funds will be a much-appreciated aid for her law school books, which she humorously noted are far from cheap. The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux are pleased to contribute to Madi’s journey and anticipate seeing her continued growth and success in the legal field.

Previous Recipients

Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship Recipient Baylee LemoineBaylee Lemoine – 2022

Baylee Lemoine was ecstatic to hear she’d been selected as the winner of the 2022 Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship. The first thing she did was share the good news with her mom, who is her greatest supporter and inspiration. It’s through her mom that Baylee discovered her desire to pursue a career helping others.

She will be attending UL this fall as a nursing school student, where she plans to focus on women’s health. Ultimately, her goal is to become a nurse practitioner in gynecology. 

Working in healthcare has been Baylee’s dream since she was a child – so much so that when her little sister was born several years ago, she insisted on wearing scrubs to the hospital. Her interest in the medical field has only grown over time. 

She is continually inspired by her mom, who works in an OB-GYN office and helps care for women who are pregnant, dealing with health challenges, or struggling with infertility. Learning about her mom’s experiences and hearing stories about these women helped Baylee realize she was passionate about gynecology.

Biology is the subject Baylee is most excited about studying as she begins her freshman year of college. She has always been fascinated by the logistics of the human body and is looking forward to learning how to provide care to those in need. 

While she knows it will be challenging, she also finds it rewarding that her career path will ultimately lead her to help many women in need of support. “Seeing people get past their struggles makes me happy,” Baylee said. 

Like Blaine, Baylee is a true Louisianan at heart. She loves the southern hospitality of her home state, as well as the cajun-creole food it’s known for. She is delighted to be attending UL and plans to put this scholarship toward the textbooks she will need to realize her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

The team at The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux wishes Baylee all the best as she follows her dreams, and we know she’ll accomplish some amazing things!

Josh Listi Scholarship Winner

Josh Listi – 2021

Joshua Listi took a few minutes away from his busy schedule of serving the needy with Abbeville’s Christian Service Center and helping facilitate community service projects to speak with us about his future plans.

The Vermilion Catholic High School graduate will be pursuing a pre-med / biology degree at Louisiana State University. He’ll use his scholarship money to pay for textbooks and other educational expenses as he works towards his dream of becoming a doctor.

He says, “I plan on using my higher education to serve my local community by returning to the Acadiana area as a Physician, as well as volunteering as a doctor on future medical mission trips to heal the sick and serve the poor.”

The tireless volunteer has been helping the poor and needy since a young age, when he began accompanying his dad on missions to faraway places like Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. When the 2020 lockdown prevented much travel, he focused on serving his local community, helping facilitate community service projects and volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Joshua is also an avid member of Boy Scouts of America, reaching the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, which requires years of dedication and community service. He’s proud of this accomplishment, saying, “Only 6% of Boy Scouts in the US make it to Eagle Scout, so I hold it as a very high honor that I stuck through it and made it to Eagle.”

We spoke with him a mere month before he leaves for LSU, and while he’s excited to start this next chapter of his life, the change hasn’t quite sunk in yet. He says, “It keeps hitting me – I’m thinking, oh, I can’t wait, but then it’s so close.”

The team at The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux wishes Joshua all the best with his educational and professional endeavors and look forward to seeing what this amazing young man accomplishes.

Miah Walton Blaine Barrilleaux Scholarship Winner Spring 2020Miah Walton – 2020

Miah Walton was at home during the state lockdown when her mother called out that she had great news. “I was so excited to hear that I had won. I’ve never won anything at all before and this is a great prize; it’s the best feeling ever and I’m so appreciative.”

Miah heard about the Blaine Barrilleaux scholarship through her Guidance Counselor. Despite her mom’s reassurances, Miah submitted her essay with little hope of success. “The prize money is a huge weight off our shoulders”, said Miah. “I’m going to put it towards my work-study, books, maybe gas for my car. I’d also really like to use some to help a couple of small businesses in my local community that are hurting because of the pandemic.” 

Miah has been accepted at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA. She’s excited about her new classes, the people she will meet, and what she will learn. “From an academic perspective, it’s all about math and science for me. On the other side, I want to get my first job and manage my own finances. I want to feel how it is to be a real adult.” 

Asked what she liked most and least about the state of Louisiana, Miah answered with an impish grin. “The food is absolutely delicious. Red beans and rice, fried chicken, crawfish…it’s the best food I’ve ever tasted. The worst part? It has to be all the bugs. It gets so hot here in the summer that the big bugs want to come out and play – they’re huge. I’m so over the bugs. Oh, and the alligators. I really don’t like alligators at all. But overall Louisiana is a great state: hot, fun, delicious, and a little crazy.”

Blaine wishes Miah well for the next part of her life’s journey. “I’m a real community person; I grew up in Lafayette and only ever wanted to practice law in Louisiana so that I can help those most in need. We assist all kinds of people, whether it’s those that need an auto accident lawyer to access the compensation that they deserve or people who are injured on the water and need an experienced maritime lawyer. If my scholarship helps Miah even a tiny bit in her academic ambitions, then I’m a happy man.

blaine barrilleaux scholarship winner fall 2019 grace payton

Grace Payton – 2019

Congratulations to Grace Payton, the winner of the Blaine Barrilleaux Fall 2019 Scholarship. Grace is attending Lafayette’s own University of Louisiana at Lafayette for her undergraduate degree. She plans to put the scholarship money towards her tuition this year and is excited to get started in this chapter of her life. Blaine also attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for his undergraduate degree.

We are dedicated to continuing the growth and progress of the great city of Lafayette, LA. We believe that strong community support helps everyone grow and achieve more. “Being a part of the Lafayette community means that we need to help the community grow just like it has helped us,” Blaine said. Helping those in need is a big part of what we do at the Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux. We are a personal injury law firm that dedicates itself to helping local Lafayette residents get the medical treatment and compensation they deserve after an accident. If you’re in pain, call Blaine at (337) 989-1212.

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